Longacres Samara Fly

This beautiful coloured stallion is called Logacres Samara Fly and this great photo was very kindly donated by 
  Just managed to get it sketched out, first layer of background down and a bit of detail around the eye, very excited about this one hope you like it so far

Some underpainting on the neck.....

Managed to get some detail in with coloured pencils

Totally over exaggerated the purple and pinks in the neck but think it works for drama

 Lots of underpainting done, this was a large area so it took some time. Got some detail done with the paints but still lots to do, really love putting all the colours of the rainbow in this as it just makes it shine...hope you like
It may not look like I've done a lot of work today but have spent a lot of time on details, blending and darkened the background again, still got a lot of blending on the face and chest but we're getting there!
Lots of work on the bridle, still a lot of tweaking to do but....getting there. almost finished!!

That's it all done fine details tweaked thank you once again for the wonderful photo provided by Lee Scammacca and the kind permission of Mandy Sanderson the lucky owner of this beautiful Stallion :)
Hope you like ...

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  1. I brought this picture in an island auction. Its very beautiful.