Horse Gavilan De Frente

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The original photograph   

This was painted in pastel on Sandboard. The great thing I have discovered since coming back into painting is just how much the internet can help, in Paint Shop Pro I can take any background, and put it behind the subject and put the subject in different lighting conditions, all things 'in the old days' we just had to get on and do without knowing really what the final picture would look like. It's wonderful.

So I firsly lay down the background, sandboard is great for layering it will take umpteen layers and will allow you to put the very lightest highlights on top of the darkest areas in pastel, I do spray, right up until the final highlights as it does tend to dull the colour slightly.

The splash was a section of a photo I found and I just elaborated it, click on this next image to see the details, I actually allowed myself to get a bit abstract and added a few colours that just bounced off one anothe ie pink & green because they are opposites they each make the other more vibrant.

All finished, hope you like.

Framed & Mounted, this picture is for sale and also available in print please email me for details.