Large Grey Horse

This photo was given to me for reference by Josee Talbot

Close up of eye

Spent all day painting in the background, only managed to get some of the face underpainted. This is a huge painting of a magnificent Grey horse. 

 Yet another whole day but still just underpainting, trying to get the hair direction and the light and shade working smoothly, this will blend smoother once I get some pencils in there......

Had a great day painting today, started with just the light & shade in washes of Acrylic

Then laid in some basic colour......

Managed to get some fine detail into the muzzle...

Spent a lot of today getting more detail in the muzzle and trying to define the bit & chain. Also did some underpainting on the bridle.

This is the whole picture, its about 1m 50cm by 1m....lifesize actually, just so you know that what looks like a small area, isn't.
Underpainting around the cheek and around the ears
Underpainted some more of the bridle

Managed to get some detail in on the cheek piece of the bridle and noseband and also hair texture through the cheek and ears
Underpainting the neck & chest

View of entire painting

This may not look like a whole days work...
but I have painted thousands of tiny hair strokes
Sorry its not high impact but there is a lot of work gone on today :)

Nearly gave up painting altogether today this was such tough going....then had a bit of a break wont put my foot through the canvas just yet !!

Got so frustrated with painting the large expanse of Grey that I decided to do something more interesting.....

After underpainting the saddle and numnah started to get some detail in…….
this is so much more exciting than grey hairs !
Really glad I did this as it seems to be bringing the painting together..
Once again....sooo many colours in white!

Worked on the Boot & the jodhpurs

And here's the big picture, the rider has a lovely coloured t-shirt which will hopefully stop this painting being all about white & Grey

Sorry that once again this does not look like there is a lot done today.....whole days work...note to self, paint smaller paintings

Detail of saddle & reins, and you might be able to see that I have painted every bloomin hair....

THAT'S IT DONE!! Original reference photo kindly donated by Josée Talbot