Boy in Water

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The original photograph   

On this very large canvas, I first laid out the image in graphite, then picked out the very darkest tones in acrylic.

I then got as much of the boy detail in as possible with coloured pastels.

I painted a thin wash all over the water area so as to create the mid tone and the started in on the detail of the large stones the boy was sitting on.

I then had to start in on the blurring effects the water had as it rippled over the many coloured stones. This was very painstaking and the only way I got though it was to print off A4 sections of the photo in detail and work in each section at a time. "Why do I put myself though this?"

This is why I put myself though it, because a some point you walk into the studio and you can see it really coming together!!

And there it is, not something I would embark on again in that medium  nor that size, but I'm still looking for the best way to reproduce the beautiful water that I saw in Greece. Hope you like it!