First day of painting this beautiful Arab Stallion, photogragh very kindly donated by Victor Ricigliano and Lori Ricigliano. Spent the day sketching out and getting the underpainting done on the background. This is another very large painting 40" x 48"

Got some glazes done on the sky to tone it down...            Underpainting on the face with washes of Acrylic

Managed to get another layer of paint on the face for a bit more detail

Quite happy with progress so far.....but long way to go

Managed to get a lot of underpainting done with washes of acrylic......overpainted with a second layer of thicker paint and used drying retarder to blend a little around the sheen

Sorry about the sun shining on the canvas! I have to say I really do enjoy painting bay horses they are so much easier than black or grey, hope you like so far
Close up of the front this is still only the underpainting lot more detail needed...........

Lots of underpainting with acrylic, over the chest 
and forelegs .......

Picked up some more highlights and darkened the lowlights will go over the whole thing at the end with fine details but just trying to get the body laid in and get the picture balanced

Managed to get some underpainting on the hind quarters today.....really wondering whether to paint in oils over the top of this, I think the sheen would benefit from oil.....maybe? what do you think?? Its been a long time since I used oils but will give it a little go ....I think....

Had I great day painting today, really got in the zone!! managed to get some detail in the hind quarters ....

I then did some more work on the sky adding some purple to tie in with the hightlights on the arab then overpainted some of the area behind him, laid in some shadow.......

Just a close up of the horse.....lots more detail to come.....why do I paint so large?? think I will go into miniatures next :) ...Question to all my artist friends who paint large, the canvas seems to be twisting is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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